Alternative Asset Fundraising

Whether you are raising your first fund or twentieth, being able to navigate the fundraising process efficiently is essential for complete and timely closings. To achieve this you must manage interest and commitments from your current investors while attracting new qualified investors. You must also be able to deliver the documents and information required to all parties to execute in a timely manner.

Navatar cloud solutions empowers alternative investor fundraisers to do all this by combining the power of its industry-leading CRM platform with one of the world's largest networks of LP investors. Navatar cloud solutions are used by many of the top private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds to gain efficiency, speed, and visibility into the fundraising process by tracking commitments, interest, documents, and communications with all possible investor targets.

Navatar cloud solutions also seamlessly integrates with the Navatar Investor portal, which allows fundraisers to view and receive direct requests from qualified institutional investors in the alternative asset space. In addition, Navatar cloud solutions contains a complete virtual data room that allows you to quickly provide all the relevant closing documents to prospective investors in a simple, intuitive, and secure way.

Overall, the tool allows you to quickly find new investors, manage your entire pipeline of commitments and prospects, and close quickly and efficiently with the power and visibility that comes from working on one centralized platform.

Navatar cloud solution will help you fundraise more effectively by helping you with:

Identifying New Investors—Access one of the world's largest networks of qualified, institutional investors in the alternative asset space, including family offices, endowments, pensions, and foundations.

Compliant Marketing—Safely share information about your fund openings with accredited investors who proactively request information from you.

Managing Current Investors—Communicate efficiently with investors to track their interest and additional commitments.

Pipeline Visibility—Track progress with complete insight into every stage of the fundraising process.

Quick Closing—Deliver prospective investors all the data and documents they need through a completely integrated virtual data room.

Post-Closing Management—Securely share capital calls, statements, updates, K1s, and distributions with all fund investors.

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