Navatar Private Equity Cloud

Watch quick demo of Navatar Private Equity Navatar defines what the private equity business needs. A cloud solution that:

  • Gives you full control of your investors, deals, and investments.
  • Helps find and manage your LPs, buyers, sellers, intermediaries, and portfolio companies.
  • Doesn't break the bank and doesn't require IT support.

Navatar Private Equity is the cloud solution of choice for hundreds of private equity firms around the world.
Eric Starr from CapX partners states how they leverage Navatar's CRM solution  and make their process efficient. Watch this video of Eric Starr, Partner
at CapX Partners, an investment firm
that specializes in growing small and
medium-size businesses. Eric describes
how Navatar helps CapX focus on things
they are good at – performing the
analyses for making the right investments.
Navatar's integrated suite for private equity is comprised of three products that work together seamlessly:
  • Navatar Private Equity, the cloud solution that helps you manage your internal functions such as investor relations and deal flow.
  • Navatar Investor, the sophisticated virtual data room that streamlines all communication with investors.
  • Navatar Deal Connect, the deal marketplace that helps you connect with dealmakers and source deals.
Quick overview of Navatar Deal Connect Even if you do not buy Navatar
Private Equity, you can still
subscribe to Navatar Deal Connect
for free and start building relationships
with intermediaries you can trust
and increase the flow of quality
deals. Watch this one-minute
introduction video to learn about
Navatar Deal Connect.
Martin Stein from Blackford Capital discusses how Navatar CRM helped them to improve deal sourcing. Thanks to Navatar, smaller private
equity firms are able to match the
resources and reach of larger firms.
Watch this recorded webinar with
Martin Stein, Managing Director of
Blackford Capital, to learn why smaller
firms are becoming equally important
players in the private marketplace.
Watch a demo now or contact us at 212-863-9655 or for an interactive demo with one of our product specialists.

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