Navatar Mutual Fund Cloud

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Discover the full power of Navatar's complete cloud solution
for mutual fund wholesalers. Used by Jefferies, M&T Bank,
Cowen, and others, Navatar Mutual Fund Cloud is a
comprehensive solution that:

  • Combines sophisticated sales reporting down to the territory/rep level.
  • Includes transfer agent data from DST, Sungard, Envision, and others.
  • Includes intermediary feeds from Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and others.

Start managing your wholesale and retail channels, broker/dealer relationships, and much more with the Navatar Mutual Fund Cloud.

Navatar Mutual Fund cloud solution is built on Salesforce, the leading cloud platform, and is supported by Navatar's financial services specialists.

Navatar Mutual Fund Cloud Solution Comprehensive Functionality Enables You to:

  •  Manage relationships with brokers/dealers, wirehouses, and financial advisors
  •  Manage wholesale and retail channels
  •  Aggregate sales data
  •  Track rep performance based on transactions

Features Include:

  •  Integration with transfer-agent data
  •  Integrated intermediary feeds
  •  Real-time reports and dashboards
  •  Instant global deployment for offline and online use
  •  Complete integration with MS Outlook, Google Apps
  •  Mobile support for BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Android devices
  •  Multi-language support

Watch a demo now or contact us at 212-863-9655 or for an interactive demo with one of our product specialists.

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