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Watch quick demo of Navatar M&A Navatar defines what the M&A business needs. A cloud solution that:

  • Can leverage the various channels that lead to finding and managing clients.
  • Is specifically built for the deal origination and execution processes.
  • Doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t need IT support.

Navatar M&A has rapidly become the cloud solution of choice for investment banks, boutique M&A firms, and business brokers around the world.
Bruce Cameron from Berkshire Capital elaborates on how Navatar CRM could be useful for boutique M&A firms. Watch this video of Bruce Cameron, CEO
of Berkshire Capital, a global boutique
investment bank focused on the asset
management and securities industries.
Bruce describes how Navatar has helped 
Berkshire transition from a U.S.-based
firm to a global investment bank.
Navatar's integrated suite for M&A is comprised
of two products that work together seamlessly:

  • Navatar M&A, the cloud solution that helps you
    manage your business development, deal
    origination, and execution.
  • Navatar Deal Room, the next generation virtual data room that integrates directly with your deal process to help you close deals faster, while ensuring the best outcome for your clients.
  • Navatar Deal Connect, the deal marketplace
    that points you to the right buyers and sellers 
    for your deals.
Navatar Deal Room is the only virtual data room in the market today that automates business development, deal origination and deal execution – in addition to secure document exchange. Built on the most secure platforms - Salesforce and Box, Navatar allows your firm to build an institutional memory of buyers and deals, improving the entire process from marketing to transaction close.
Quick overview of Navatar Deal Connect Even if you do not buy Navatar M&A,
you can still subscribe to Navatar Deal
t for free and start building
relationships with investment firms,
investment bankers & corporate
development professionals, and
collaborating on deals. Watch this
one-minute introduction video to
learn about Navatar Deal Connect.
Watch a demo now or contact us at 212-863-9655 or for an interactive demo with one of our product specialists.

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