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Consistently sourcing appropriate investment opportunities is the most critical challenge facing many financial and strategic buyers of privately held companies. In today's large global and inefficient market, the ability to identify the best investment opportunities can be the most significant determinant of long-term success. Effective deal sourcing not only means being able to identify, evaluate, and execute deals that are currently on the market, but also being able to track and nurture companies that have yet to achieve your desired parameters for investment. Navatar's solutions allow you to excel in both these areas.

Direct Access to Industry-Leading Advisors and Corporate Development Professionals

As the leading provider of cloud solutions to the M&A advisor community, Navatar has been able to leverage these relationships and provide our private equity and strategic buyers with a unique connection to some of the world's leading advisors and direct access to their current and pending opportunities. In addition to providing access into the intermediary community, Navatar, as a leader in the corporate development space, can provide a direct link into corporations that are looking to make a divestiture.

Deal Connect

Navatar manages one of the world's largest networks
of buyers and sellers of private companies. Navatar Deal
gives intermediaries of all types--from bulge
bracket investment banks through middle market advisors
to boutique advisory firms--direct access to appropriate
financial and strategic buyers. This powerful service,
available for free, generates a large and consistent flow of actionable deals. Appropriate deals are then immediately
routed directly to our financial and strategic buyers and
can be simultaneously uploaded into their Navatar cloud
solution for effective and streamlined deal management.

Proprietary Deal Flow

By providing you with deals from our intermediary 
and corporate network, Navatar alerts you to deals 
that you may have missed or never had access to, 
but also helps you become more efficient in all of 
your deal sourcing activities. Proprietary deals are 
the most valuable types of deals for most buyers. 

Sourcing an opportunity from a company directly  
is a skill that, historically, has required significant 
time and resources. Therefore only large or very 
narrowly focused firms have traditionally been 
able to dominate in this area. Not anymore. 
Navatar cloud solution levels the playing field by 
empowering its private equity and strategic 
buyer clients with the tools, data, and best 
practices to efficiently identify potential 
targets, track and nurture them over time,
and execute when the time is right.

Premier Deal Sourcing Tool

By combining the power of our Deal Connect platform
(providing direct integration into the intermediary and
corporate community) with our industry-leading cloud
solution (incorporating powerful management and best
practices capabilities), Navatar has created the premier
tool for deal sourcing, a combined platform that
revolutionizes deal sourcing for any financial or
strategic buyer.

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