Deal Management

Effective deal management is the single greatest factor for enabling you to execute on the best transaction in the shortest amount of time. To achieve this you must not only be able to move a deal efficiently through the stages of its lifecycle, you must also be able to harness and leverage all available resources at each stage.

Regardless of whether you are on the purchasing or selling side of a transaction, optimal deal management not only ensures an efficient transaction process, but can become a significant and sustainable competitive advantage for those who routinely execute private transactions.

As the leading provider of deal management cloud solutions to the M&A and private investor communities, Navatar offers the industry's leading platform—one that integrates all the tools, networks, and best practices necessary to optimize the deal management process.

Deal Management for M&A Professionals

Your goal is to structure and close the best possible deals for your clients in the quickest possible time. This can be achieved by building interest from a large group of prospective buyers and moving them through a process that builds interest and momentum from start to finish. To do so requires coordinating all the resources of the deal team in a streamlined manner that promotes speed and use of best practices.

Navatar empowers the world's top M&A professionals via a single tool that optimizes and streamlines each step of the deal process, including:

Building a Buyers List—Identify qualified and interested financial and strategic buyers from one of the world's largest networks of private company buyers and investors.

Managing Interest—Securely and efficiently provide teasers and confidentiality agreements (CAs) while tracking interest and signatures from prospective buyers.

Streamlining Due Diligence—Control access to documents and data through a fully integrated data room.

Facilitating Quick Closings—Track all communications and information exchanged with a target buyer and quickly respond to questions or requests.

Deal Management for Private Equity Firms and Strategic Buyers

Optimizing deal management ensures that you are able to structure and close on the best investment opportunities quickly while guaranteeing a consistent and strong pipeline of qualified deals. It encompasses every stage of the deal lifecycle—from sourcing and nurturing deals generated internally and from the intermediary community, to evaluating and closing.

Optimizing this process requires centralizing the deal team and their resources in a way that promotes collaboration, speed, and the use of best practices. The benefits you achieve will be an increase in efficiency and effectiveness coupled with complete visibility and improved control over every aspect of the process.

Navatar cloud solution ensures this optimization through its industry-leading deal management platform that empowers the world's top private equity firms. Specific areas of enhancement include:

Deal Sourcing

  •  Deal Connect—Identify deals seamlessly from one of the largest network of M&A professionals in the world.
  •  Proprietary Deals—Identify, contact, and track individual companies while leveraging the contacts and connections of your entire team.
  •  Intermediary Relationships—Source deals and build new relationships, and strengthen existing relationships, within the intermediary community.
  •  Relationship Tracking—Gain full visibility into your firm's activities with all its key relationships.

Nurturing & Prioritization

  •  Investment Development—Manage and foster relationships with firms that do not yet meet your investment parameters.
  •  Process Management—Protect against missed auction deadlines or other deal milestone dates while tracking all activity on a deal.
  •  Resource Allocation—Standardized deal formatting allows for quick analysis and prioritization of deals and resources.
  •  Pipeline Visibility—Dashboards and reports provide a complete and real-time picture of your full deal pipeline.


  •  Centralized Information—A single repository for all deal data and documents provides access for all deal team members in a secure and controlled way.
  •  Knowledge Sharing—Access team member insight combined with data from outside sources on every deal.
  •  Comparative Analysis—Enhance your analysis with information on similar deals currently in the market.
  •  Complete Integration—Critical tools like Excel spreadsheets or email programs work seamlessly with the platform.


  •  Data Room—Securely access all documents without the need for a third-party vendor.
  •  Activity Tracking—Monitor progress through complete visibility into the communication and activity on each deal.
  •  Document Storage—Safely and easily store your documents post-transaction.
  •  Actionable Data Collection-Store relevant deal data in a way that allows for future relationship tracking and comparative analysis.

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